Thank You!

A special thank you to the following people:

The Clients of MediGYM – past and present-For choosing us for your health and fitness needs, believing in what we believe in, trusting us with your body, mind and spirit, well-being and recommending it to your friends and family. Also, for being flexible and understanding as we continue to transform the organisation with our commitment to continual and never ending improvement. It is because of you, we exist and continue to flourish.
Nick Stepkovitch-For being a great influence as an undergraduate for my future career path in Physio and Rehab and the times spent at Mt Wilga Private Rehab Hospital.
John Adams-For your unwavering commitment and belief in the future of this company.
Ken and Uni Mathers-For your most generous contribution, which is helping so many people.
Dr. Duffy-For being the first doctor to refer a patient/client to this company.
Dr. Farbenblum-For being an ardent supporter of our service.
Dr. Solomons-For being very supportive and complimentary to this service.
Dr. Wilton-For inspiring us to continue to dedicate our focus to 50s plus clients/ patients.
Dr. Paton-For understanding the benefits of our exercise and rehab programs for your patients.
Linda O’Cain and Rob Erhardt-For always being encouraging with words and actions.
Kahi Puru-For being grounded with all your amazing success, sharing your philosophy and your ongoing encouragement.
John Bennati and Rebecca Garbutt-For being persistent, being an example to the commitment to clients and students and following your dreams.
Dom Lopez-For accommodating and assisting us with the Paralympic Fundraiser event at the Mosman Returned Servicemen’s Club.
Tony Abbott-For commemorating this company, initiating its launch and your continued interest.
Contractors and associates-For being efficient, informative, bending backwards and going that extra mile which ultimately benefits our clients.
Students-For being keen, attentive and for your willingness to be vulnerable with exploring your knowledge and skills within a new environment. Put simply, being coachable.
Staff-Present and past-For your focus and dedication to the clients, each and every day, in each and every way. For being a strong team player, being a custodian of our core company values and being an integral part with the mechanics of this company. For trusting and following my direction, leading the way, taking on initiative and accepting responsibility whenever required. Said another way, going well beyond the call of duty. For that I am forever thankful.
Family and friends-For gently assisting me in the early days when on the odd occasian I had doubts and for reminding me to keep my feet on the ground. For fanning the spark of this dream, the friendly reminders and encouraging words to stay true to the vision and your assurance of its growth and prosperity. And for celebrating growth milestones, achievements and victorious occassions.

Yes, it is risky to mention names, as there is a chance that a few people are accidently left out. So thank you also to all those people who have not been mentioned above, the ones who did the little things, the big things, the things I knew about, the things that were done without my knowledge, the things that were done long ago and the things that were done more recently. The spirit you infused has not gone unnoticed. It is your imput that has made and continues to make the business run and grow unwaveringly. I am proud to say this company is truly a community project that embodies the enthusiasm, conviviality and radiant nature of all its participants and its contributers. There is not a day that goes by that I am not truly grateful and proud of our association. Thank YOU! Onward and upward. Monte Elissa.


To our MediGYM Volunteer Marketing Crew who’s voice speaks volumes
Thank you for sharing your time, your experience and looking to making a difference outside of yourself.
Jan O.
Jan M.
Julie W.
Frances F.
Rita L.
Sally P.
Deidre A.
Mimi N.
Robeyne B.