For Hire

Handy items for hire: Advice – Measure and Fit – Supply

We understand that you may not need an item to purchase and are looking for a temporary solution. We have the following items available for you at your convenience:

Walking Sticks for Hire: To assit you with that recent incident, pain and/ or to prevent a fall.

Crutches for Hire: Handy for acute ankle, knee pain, post surgery or a fracture.

Wheelchair for Hire: Handy for temporary pain, a fracture, weakness, after an injury/accident or post surgery.

TENS machine Hire: Handy to manage your acute or chronic pain.

Stationary Bike for Hire: Great for home exercise. Also great for post-surgical recovery for example a knee replacement, a hip replacement or back surgery. This can be combined with home visit appointments by a physiotherapist.

Push Bikes for Hire (foldable): Have fun outdoors and utilise your fitness to get out and about. There are many bike tracks locally. Head to this website to find out about local bike tracks: We have two bikes for hire if required. They are user friendly and have the convenience of being foldable to put in the boot of your car.

Therapy-Consulting Room: Would suit a complementary Allied Health Practitioner such as a Massage Therapist, Nutritionist, Exercise Physiologist Dietician, Acupuncturist or Naturopath. The room size size is 16.5m2 (5m x 3.3m. Available from a small arangement for half a day, full day or a weekly rental can be discussed. Low risk, high potential.

Even the gym is for hire. Great for your own private workout, motivating your business team (or we can do that for you) or training your own group of people.

Car Parking Spot for rent: Security car spot for rent, 3 minutes walk to Spit Junction.

If you are personal trainer and would like to hire out the facillity, please give us a call. We only want a maximum of 3 personal trainers in our facillity/service during our our time-tabled sessions so we have developed a pricing structure of First Trainer charge: $175/week,  Second Trainer charge $225/week and Third Trainer charge of $275/week.

Please call us on 99606 166 for further details.

Further information coming soon!

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