Personal Trainers

Our vision is to be one of Australia’s finest fitness and rehabilitation organizations, through excelling in customer service.
Below are local Personal Trainers who are ready to meet that challenge and are waiting to help you with your goals:

If you are a Personal Trainer and have an interest in clients 50s plus and would also like to expand your community awareness, then please contact us on 9960 6166 to see if you meet the requirements to showcase your profile here.

James Mansfield

Hello, my name is James Mansfield, I am a certified Fitness Specialist / Personal trainer. I strongly believe in a holistic and balanced approach to health and fitness. I love to stay as fit as a fiddle and some of my passions include kayaking, touch football, resistance / cardio training, kung-fu and hiking. I have been training in Ging Mo Kune Kung-fu for 3 years and this has taught me the art of discipline and balance between body and mind. I have a witty sense of humor, and when I am not working I am traveling the world exploring and meeting new people.

I am registered with Fitness Australia and I regularly participate in educational courses to ensure I am up to date and continually learning and challenging myself. I would love to work with you to reach your fitness and health goals and believe that anything is possible with the right attitude and exercise prescription. I am confident that I can help you reach your goals and guide you on a journey to greater health and wellbeing J

My Qualifications include:

Certificate III Fitness (Gym Instructor)

Certificate III Sports Trainer (Injury prevention & management)

Certificate IV Fitness (Personal Trainer)

Diploma of Fitness (Fitness Specialist – Special populations)

Older Adults Trainer

Children’s Trainer

Advanced First Aid Certificate

Please call 0425 374 524 or 9960 6166 to make contact with James.


Leanne Learoyd

Hi, my name is Leanne Learoyd. I am a Personal Trainer and I have been training clients for over ten years. I have qualifications from Australia and the USA. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced, I will personally design your sessions so you work at your level, achieve your goals, see results quickly and feel good! Having had three boys of my own, I know how hard it is to juggle a home and working life, let alone get time to work out and actually see results.

My training varies from running, weights/toning, boxing, steps, TRX, bosu, foam roller, and I like to try different equipment and exercises to keep things interesting for my clients.

My qualifications include:
Certificate III in Fitness – Gym Instructor, Fitness Institute of Australia
Certificate IV in Fitness – Personal Training, Fitness Institute of Australia
National Personal Training Institute, Santa Monica, California – Personal Trainer & Nutrition Consultant

I have also completed courses in the following disciplines.
TRX Suspension Trainer
BOSU IBT Certification both here in Sydney and in Los Angeles
BOXING – Punchfit GX tm Level 1 Trainer
First Aid/CPR
SMR Foam Roller

AT Exercise ETC Inc. Los Angeles USA, I have completed the following workshops:
Designing Weight Programs, Women, Exercise & Metabolism Strength Ball Workout
Partnered Stretching
Ultimate Balance Challenge
Exercise & Core Strength
Functional Testing & Assessment
A Dozen new Training Techniques
Designing Post-Rehab Programs, Exercise & Osteoporosis Designing Cardio Programs
and Interval Training.
Professional Memberships
Fitness Australia
Registered Mosman Council

Please call 0404 525 139 or 9960 6166 to make contact with Leanne.


Michael Fallon








Hi I’m Michael Fallon. I joined the fitness industry a few years ago because I had a passion to help others and what better way to do that than through health and fitness. I am a personal trainer, sports nutritionist, author of 2 fitness books and a member of one of the fastest growing health companies in the world. I have trained clients ranging from 16 right through to about 80 and no matter what the age, there’s no better feeling than helping someone succeed.

Unfortunately my mother has been experiencing all sorts of back pain and her energy levels have really declined in the last 2 years so as a result my focus has changed slightly to helping the elder population. Why is it that when we age, our health deteriorates? Why do our energy levels drop? Is there anything we can do to feel younger and rejuvenated again? And guys, I’m happy to say I have the solution!

Obviously regular exercise plays a big role but nutrition is the key. As we age, our bodies slowly lose what are called ‘enzymes’ – these are molecules that help break down foods and keep our digestion system running smoothly, promoting higher energy levels and better overall health and general well being. This explains why when we grow older; we no longer have the energy levels of a teenager, our digestive system runs much slower and our energy levels are decreased.

However, by simply supplementing into our diets the perfect combination of enzymes, we can actually improve our overall health and energy levels by increasing the nutritional status in our blood. These products I recommend have been tested and clinically proven on both men and women aged over 65 to increase the nutritional status, improving quality of life and general well being.

My goal is now simply to educate the elder population. There’s no reason we should have to grow old and feel old at the same time. So if you’re interested in feeling young again, could do with higher energy levels or simply want to increase the quality of your life, call me today and we can organise a free consultation. Let me help you.

Please call 0413 282 740 or 9960 6166 to make contact with Michael.


Luis De Florio

Hello my name is Luis De Florio and I have been working as a personal trainer for over 6 years. I like to train a broad range of clients from absolute beginners to more advanced as I employ a wide range of movement solutions. My main source of inspiration is helping improve people’s health and lives by sharing what I have learned and continue to learn.

Having over 10 years experience in Karate and over 5 years experience in Tai chi, Qigong, Bagua and Tai chi long sword, has greatly assisted me in developing my own approach and training style as well as providing a wide variety of services for clients which include weight training, mobility and flexibility training, cardiovascular training, Boxing groups, Tai chi and Qigong groups.

Qualifications: Bachelor Exercise Science, Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness, Tai chi and Qigong Instructor.

Please call 9960 6166 to make contact with Luis.


Vanja Gee

My name is Vanja and I consider myself to be a teacher as well as a student of movement, fitness, health, nutrition and a holistic lifestyle approach. It is my aim to change as many lives as possible by providing a process of education and a collective multidisciplinary movement approach. Through this process we will build a resilient and anti-fragile body and mind. Have you ever wanted to move more freely, feel less pain, become more flexible, strong and resilient or have more energy?

Have you though about why we have lost the ability to engage in basic human movement patterns such as squatting, hanging, pushing, pulling, brachiating and locomoting?

Why have we lost the abilities we had as children? If we don’t use it we lose it until one day we wake up and find that we cannot get it back.

Lets change this today by focusing on isolated movements in order to build a foundation for a body that is strong, mobile and moves freely. Once we establish this base and strengthen every joint from the neck to the toe we will progress to more complex and advanced movements such as: Hand Balancing, Flexibility, Gymnastics Skills, Locomotion, Acrobatics and Strength.

Join me in the journey of changing your life and re-discovering your natural abilities.

QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor of exercise science, Certified nutritionist, Former professional tennis player, Strength and conditioning coach, Rehabilitation, Health coach, Movement teacher, Student of Ido Portal Method
I am available for 1-1 Coaching, online coaching, semi-private and group classes.

LOCATIONS: North Sydney and Mosman

Ph: 0402908080


If you are a professional personal trainer and are looking to make MediGYM your home where you can train your clients safely, please send us an email through the contact page with a few details. We look forward to hearing from you.

We only want a maximum of 3 personal trainers in our facillity/service during our our time-tabled sessions so we have developed a pricing structure of First Trainer charge: $175/week,  Second Trainer charge $225/week and Third Trainer charge of $275/week. First trainers in get best rate.

Call MediGYM on 9960 6166.