Metabolism – What’s the go with it? (Part 2)

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So last time you had a brief insight on what your metabolism is. Our staff here have done a little bit of survey and gone around asking a few questions about metabolism.

Q: I’m overweight because of my metabolism

A: This is unlikely. People who are larger actually have a higher metabolism than their counterparts because the larger you are, the more energy is required every time you move. Also there is a small percentage of people out there who have hyperthyroidism or Cushing’s syndrome and these medical conditions decrease an individual’s metabolism.

Q: What medical conditions speed up or slow down my metabolism?

A: Like we answered in the previous questions, hyperthyroidism or Cushing Syndrome will decrease your metabolism. There are also some medications out there that can affect the way that your body burns fuel, affect your appetite and store fat. If you have a concern about your weight or any medical conditions that you suspect you may have. Consult your GP about it and they can refer you onto an allied health professional for further help.


Q: I’ve been told by my friends that my metabolism can improve by eating small meals?

A: This method may be true and it may have worked with your friends. However there is no research that suggests that this is the best way to go. Some people have found that eating small meals during the day helps them from splurging out at their next big meal which can affect their total intake for the day and as a result affect their weight. It is helpful to give your body a steady supply of energy so that your blood glucose levels can be maintained. When I say ‘steady’, make sure it’s a slow steady supply. Imagine filling up your car with V-Power from Shell when your car only needs to run on Unleaded. Ultimately it is going to be detrimental to your car.

Q: Is it recommended that I skip breakfast to lose weight?

A: Many researchers and experts recommend that you DO NOT skip breakfast. After you have slept for about 8-10 hours, your body needs to have some fuel to start the day. When you don’t have breakfast, your body naturally flicks the ‘starvation’ switch on. When this happens your body thinks that you’re in a famine and your metabolism will slow down to preserve energy until your eating patterns are ‘normal’ again.


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