Are Physiotherapy/ Exercise Physiology Services claimable under Medicare?

The Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) program was introduced in 1999 to encourage multidisciplinary care and improve the management of chronic disease. In July 2004 the Federal Government introduced Allied Health Medical Benefits Schedule items to the program. These items were designed to improve care of persons with chronic conditions and complex care needs by funding a limited number of allied health services for patients in the EPC program.

Do I qualify for the EPC program and what must I do?

Patients who have a chronic or terminal condition can have access to the benefits.
It is ideal to contact your local doctor and see if you are entitled for the program. If you are entitled, medicare can cover up to 5 visits from allied health services a year, which includes physiotherapy and exercise physiology.

What is the policy at MediGYM regarding EPC programs?

Clients/ patients pay up front and present their paperwork to medicare for claiming of physiotherapy / exercise physiology services under the EPC program. The nearest office is at Bridgepoint Shopping Centre (upstairs).


Currently the medicare rebate is $48.95 per physiotherapy session of 20 minutes under the EPC program. Please call on 9960 6166 for our current rates.
Please talk to your doctor first before making an appointment.


This link may be printed and taken to your doctor to discuss EPC programs and MediGYM services. At any stage, please call us to clarify any EPC/ MediGYM options that are available to you.