Health Talks

Talk Topics:

We are delighted to be able provide talks complimentary for groups in the local area in and around the area. Yes, thats right! Complimentary. The reason why we do this is because we believe so strongly that great health and fitness is a birth right at any age for everyone and want to make it easy for people to get started on reclaiming their health without any barriers.

We believe, we don’t just need more health practitioners to transform the health system. We need less patients. Education is the key to empower people. Also, having fit and healthy individuals, leads to a team that is more motivated and productive. If thats what you want, lets talk.

Talks can be arranged for a short time period of 30 minutes, 1 hour or 90 minutes. Longer or shorter talks be given to suite your needs and requirements.

Monte is very happy to discuss what talk topic would best suit your group and the intention is leave a positive message that will inspire your individual group members to take action to improve their health. It could be as simple as doing one or two new exercises a day or cutting out a bad health habit.

Monte is also able to run one day workshops related to health, wellbeing, fitness and rehabilitation.
Simply call 9960 6166 to discuss the topic and details for your requirements.

What people think about Monte’s talks:

When I heard that Monte was to give a talk at the Mosman Library, I decided to go. He spoke generally about the importance of exercise in keeping the body and mind in good condition and then gave a very interesting account of a case study. In it, he described how a few personal, one-on-one sessions improved the clients health and confidence and then that the class activity had completed the task of restoring the clients confidence and health. All in all, it was a very interesting talk and brought forth a number of questions from the audience at the end. Max Reed.

Monte’s talk was very informative and he created a wonderful interaction with his audience.
Monte clearly knows what he is talking about, his charismatic approach to fitness is realistic and doable. I am able to imagine having great success in reaching my goal at the end of the program. Thanks, Arti Yognik.

Monte spoke at Mosman Library about health and fitness and I went as did about 20 others. I was impressed by his easy and relaxed manner, his smooth delivery and he was easy to understand. He gave us lots of information and encouragement us to work hard. Karren Riddell.

Monte’s talk provided me with information to improve my health by loosing weight, overcoming my arthritic pain and exercising correctly. I would certainly recommend his approach to anyone over 50 who would like to improve their lifestyle. He was awesome. Loraine Taylor.

For me personally the ‘interaction’ raised questions that I hadn’t thought about. Issues were discussed, therefore I came away with knowledge that was very helpful to me. I can now apply this to my lifestyle, thanks to Monte. Julie Medbury.

Monte presented at one of our seniors information session. Monte provided useful information about the benefits of exercising as you get older, basic background information on osteoporosis, types of exercises which are beneficial to maintaining stronger and healthy bones to reduce or manage pains associated with osteoporosis.
Seniors feedback from the information session. The exercise tips are useful and simple to do at home. The information about why exercising is important as you get older, increased the seniors awareness about the importance of leading an active lifestyle. The seniors enjoyed Monte’s presentation that they requested more  information sessions. Siueti Maile Multicultural Health Services | Northern Sydney Local Health District | Cremorne Community Health Centre

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