Foods Before and After Exercise

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This is a question that many people may have on the back of their mind. ‘What should I eat before and after I work out at the gym?’
Timing is one of the key steps when you are trying to mix exercising and eating together. You should aim for a low-glycaemic index (GI), low fat foods about 2 hours before your exercise. Foods can include pasta, oats, low fat dairy products and even a banana as they will supply a steady release of energy while you workout.
If you start your exercise session in the afternoon (anywhere between 2pm – 4pm) you could try having a lighter lunch.
After your workout, aim to have a healthy snack based on carbohydrate and protein. You should be eating something within 30mins so that your body can recover and repair your muscles. Some examples could include: 5-6 rice crackers with a small can of tuna, 250ml of low fat yoghurt or even a banana.


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