Fit in 90 Days

90 Days to Feeling Great!
The reason why we created this program is for you to have the best chance of fitness and wellbeing available to you wherever you are.
That being in and around Mosman, in Sydney, NSW, Australia or overseas.

You will receive an easy to follow email once per week, every week until the 90 program is finished.

It will include a step by step process, easy to follow tips and includes recipies as well!

All this for less than 30 cents per day! That’s our commitment to getting you started.

You now have ever reason to succeed!

To get started on your progress, simply press the button below.



You may want to consider a few things:
Speak to your doctor about getting a clearance.
If your doctor clears you, what small actions can you start today?
Most people think that they have to start by doing something “more” like buying fruit and veges, start doing “more” exercise. Does doing more inspire you?
If not, try our belief of small steps, inch by inch.

Consider doing less of something to get started.. Yes, that’s right! less…
Less sugar in your tea
Less salt
Less junk food
Less soft drink
Less sitting around and watching TV
Less alcohol.

Or try switching:
Switching from coffee to tea
Switching from salt to spices
Switching from junk food to healthy snacks
Switching from softdrinks to water
Switching from negative TV programs to positive/ educational ones
Switching from high strength beer to low strength beer.


The above tips are great in themselves and for an even better chance at results, follow our program.

We have put in as much value as we can for the low price of $24. We don’t know how long we can keep this price for. Yes, you read it correctly only $24, the program is less than the cost of a phone call a day!

Get started on your progress today and be the next one to send us your testimonial.

Good health is a matter of choice. You now are presented with a choice- continue on your health path as you are and be in the same situation in 90 days or press the button below to start your new journey. Its all a matter of small steps one after the other. Easy!


If you pressed the button Congratulations! You are 90 days away from feeling great!

If you didn’t, good luck with your health and try to switch to healthier choices until you are ready to do the program. When you change your mind, we will still be here.

Be sure to contact us via the contact page or call us on 9960 6166 to tell us about the great results you have acheived. Good luck!