Q: Why should I attend MediGYM?

We get results in a relaxed, calm environment
We believe you deserve better
We are committed to your success
Because we have University qualified staff to look after your exercise program,
Its a community based environment where you can meet some new people, or people who are on the same journey as you are.
Affordable memberships and rebates are available from your private health fund
We offer personal training for those of you who want fast results
Rebates are available as well from your private health funds

Q: Where are you located?

A: Our address is a handy location at Suite 35, 600 Military Road, Mosman NSW. We are on the same side as the Crystal Car Wash, directly opposite Mosman Toyota. Close to public transport and plenty of off street parking. If you go to the last page of this website (contact page) you will see a map of where we are and handy places to park.

Q: Who should I speak to when I come in.

A: Look for any staff with a big welcome smile, its easy to spot them they will be wearing a royal blue coloured shirt.

Q: Do I need a Dr’s referral to come? (EPC programs, DVA)

A: No you do not. However it is recommended that you approach your doctor about your decision to start exercise. You can download an EPC program here and bring it to your doctor. If you have a DVA gold card, it is still recommended that you approach your doctor, in case they may need to make adjustments to any medication they have given you.

Q: Do I get health fund rebates?

A: Yes, there are health fund rebates available. When you come in, we can cut through the hassles and enquire on your behalf to find what the best options are available to you.

Q: What do I wear?

A: The most important thing is comfortable shoes that have no toes sticking out. Comfortable sneakers are the best option. All clients are very accepting regarding your appearance, everyone is probably wearing the same casual clothing as you!

Q: What do I bring?

A: It is always important that you bring your bottle of water and a towel with you to every session. Keeping hydrated when you exercise, helps the body keep your body cool and a towel is for your own hygienic reasons. We recommend using and old towel.

Q: How hygienic is the equipment?

A: The staff ensure that the equipment is cleaned regularly. To help with the hygiene of this facillity, please use your towels when you are sitting or lying on a piece of equipment and wipe down after each use.

Q: What are the bathrooms and changing rooms like?

A: We have toilets available just outside of the gym. They are located near the back entrance and will require a key to access it.

Q: If I have a bag or some shopping, is there a safe place where we can put it?

A: Of course! We have bag storage compartments that are available for your convenience while you are exercising.

Q: I feel that I could do better with one on one personal training. Do you have this service available for me?

A: Yes we do, please enquire within and we will accommodate your needs. Health rebates may be available with this service as well.

Q: What are the prices for a membership at MediGYM?

A: The simple answer is great! It sounds too good to be true, but some clients are covered completely due to their private health cover or government subsidy. Call us on 9960 6166 to see if you qualify. Due to the variable nature of clients past history, current situation, the goals they want to acheive not to mention the choice of health system options we have available to you, please call to dicuss what personalised option best fits your needs. We will do the legwork and match the best fit for you.

If you have any further questions please call us on 9960 6166.