Secrets of Centenarians


When it comes to playing the biggest game there is – Life.
Learn from those who are champions of longevity!

This interview is the first, of a series that we hope to create, of interviews with different people over 100– Centenarians.
Probing questions are asked to reveal the secrets of getting to 100.

Yes, secrets to longevity and quality of life are what we are prospecting for.
Make up your own mind whether it is nature or nurture.
Is it mostly genes?
Does a special lifestyle guarantee longevity?
What are the best years in life?
Sift through the information and make up your own mind.
You will learn some tips on having a long, fulfilled and happy life.
Gain interesting insights and cherry pick ideas to maximize your own life.
Sit back and enjoy this wonderful interview.

At the time of this interview there were less than 4000 centenarians in Australia.

This represents a unique group of 0.18% of Australians.

Joseph is a very rare breed, as at the time of making this video, he still lived at home and could walk around his house unaided.

Listen to the complimentary audio and watch the video to be further inspired!

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Listen to the Interview of Joseph, 102 years young

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Monte Elissa (Founder)


Sydney, NSW – MediGYM, Australia’s leading fitness gym for adults over 50 is looking for people aged 100 and above to share their secrets for longevity. The search is in line with the company’s mission to promote healthy and long life through exercise, proper diet and an overall clean lifestyle. According to statistics less than 0.18% of the Australian population reach the age of 100 and beyond. The knowledge centenarians can provide on health and longevity can be highly useful and helpful in understand the often elusive secrets of aging. “To live beyond 100 years is a rarity that makes this search very inspiring and interesting. There’s nothing like a centenarian talking about a lifetime knowledge and experience on exercise coupled with healthy living to help us realize that we too can live as long,” Dr. Robert N. Butler, a fitness physician shares. “If exercise can be packed into a pill, it would be the single, most widely prescribed and beneficial medicine in the nation,” Butler adds.

Monte Elissa, the founder of and a physiotherapist with 10 years experience, is heading the search for centenarians. With a 5 minute phone call, the project is screening centenarians for their specific criterion by which the project can determine if they will be a good fit for their project. After the information needed is collected and evaluated, Mr Elissa and the MediGYM project will be launching, a website that showcases information on the secrets of healthy living and longevity.

MediGYM advocates longevity through a healthy lifestyle built around exercise. “We do not stop exercising because we grow old – we grow old because we stop exercising,” is our motto that the MediGYM clients subscribe to. They understand the importance of exercise in maintaining their physical health and wellbeing.
People who may know centenarians willing to share their secrets to their longevity may contact Monte Elissa at MediGYM:
Ph: 9960 6166
Business Mailing Address: Suite 35, 600 Military Road, Mosman, NSW 2088


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