MediGYM’s FIRST Ambassador: Kahi Puru!

MediGYM could not be more proud to announce Kahi Puru, Australian Paralympian, professional athlete and one of Australia’s best Bench Press Power-lifters and world-class motivational speakers as its first Ambassador! Kahi inspires and encourages people of all ages with his personal story of overcoming tragedy and adversity.

As a young man, aged 29, Kahi was involved in a workplace accident that cost him his left leg and damaged many internal organs. In a coma and not expected to live, he amazed the world the first time when he breathed on his own after support systems were turned off. His will to not only live, but survive and tackle obstacle after obstacle is an incredible story of determination and willpower.

After years of rehabilitation and counseling, he not only became a vital, mobile human being, but took up power-lifting to excel at the sport. He has participated in the Sydney Paralympic Games and in New York, USA marathons. He became the best power lifter in Australia.

MediGYM welcomes this grounded individual with an optimistic philosophy on life as its Ambassador. No one is better suited to encourage, inspire, motivate and generate interest in the work of MediGYM in their rehabilitation and general health programs. Who can understand the hard road and the long journey back to good health, than someone who has experienced it first hand. Kahi Puru now engages regularly in a work-out program.

Married with two children at the time of his accident, Kahi and his wife welcomed two more children into the world since, again to the amazement of the medical world who did not think it possible. Is it any wonder that Kahi’s favorite expressions are:

• “Failure is not an option!”
• “Age is no barrier.”
• “Do things simpler and smarter.”
• “Keep trying new things.”

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