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Building a Stronger Community, One Person at a Time.


MediGYM FounderHi, I ‘m Monte Elissa, the founder of the MediGYM System – Fitness and Rehab for 50s +

We are passionate about it too. It is our life’s work, so that your life works.

You see, when I was a kid, I suffered from a temporary type of arthritis which forced me to leave high school. It had a profound impact on my life.

But I found out how to bounce back. I regained excellent health and achieved excellent sporting and academic success. But more importantly, I gained a fresh perspective of appreciating strength, great health and independence.

That is why I founded MediGYM – to transform people’s lives to be energetic, full of zest and vitality.

I believe every one of us deserves exceptional health. MediGYM gives you that. It allows you to flourish to be your very best, no matter what your health condition or starting point is.

And one of my dreams is to allow you to make the rest of your life the best of your life.

Our clinical exercise, rehab, fitness and health success system is a fresh and new approach, blending our knowledge and experience from various frontline healthcare services. A harmonious balance of exercise physiology, physiotherapy, fitness, massage and a holistic health approach has been created.

It’s proven to be highly effective, not only for me, but for hundreds of our clients for general health and those with a vast variety of their health conditions.

It took over 10 years to create and you won’t find it anywhere else.

Our team of highly trained, dedicated staff are waiting to deliver their combined years of expertise and training methods to you. I personally stand by our company’s guarantee to assure you that you are truly delighted with every experience you have with us. Please call 9960 6166 to learn how our life’s work can make your life work — brilliantly.

Monte Elissa B.App.Sc.,Pthy. M.A.P.A.


The MediGYM Manifesto

To deliver effective healthcare: to ensure that quality and professionalism go hand in hand to deliver real value.

These are the goals we strive to achieve here at MediGYM.

Each one of us growing as individuals and evolving with the times is a way of life and that lifestyle is portrayed in the service that is delivered. A service that honours integrity, has attention to detail, is attentive to each individuals needs, has a commitment to momentum and has an ongoing pursuit for greater results.

This service directly reflects our desire to live life with a positive outlook. Our expression “reasons or results” reminds us that anything is possible. The only limits are the ones we impose upon ourselves (reasons).

Remember to have fun, be diligent and run your own race.

We thank you for choosing our service for your health and fitness needs.

Our Guarantee to You

We strive for customer satisfaction and are committed to you having a great experience here with us. For this reason we offer you the following guarantee:

If you are dissatisfied with any service provided by MediGYM please call Monte Elissa directly on 9960 6166 or email him on info@medigym.com.au

The next step will be to:

a) Refund your fees for that appointment by cheque and
b) Credit you with a free session to help make up for the issue.

We stand by this guarantee as your feedback assists us in correcting any problems in the business. We would rather you told us directly and gave us a chance to fix it, than tell your friends- who can’t fix it, what we did wrong – it is that simple.

We appreciate your feedback and help – Thank You.

Call us today on 9960 6166

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