Yoga for 50s+


Individuals over the age of 50 often suffer from one or more chronic ailments affecting the bones or muscles that may cause pain, a loss of range of motion, or stiffness. There are numerous studies showing that regular yoga can alleviate pain and help people improve their muscle function and overall well-being.

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What is Yoga?

Yoga is essentially a system of exercise that combines breathing techniques with various postures that are designed to help individuals feel better in general. While many people believe that it is merely a system by which the body is stretched, it is actually much more than this; it seeks to create balance within the body as flexibility and strength are honed and developed. The poses can be performed in any number of ways, as well. Individuals can move from pose to pose in rapid succession, thereby creating body heat, or they can move more slowly and hold each pose for a longer period of time. This helps to build stamina and muscle strength over time.


The benefits of yoga are numerous, but for individuals over 50, the most recognizable benefit is the improvement in overall muscle tone, function and coordination that the various poses can provide. When combined with other therapies such as medications, this exercise routine can have major positive impacts on the lives of patients who suffer from any number of conditions. In fact, when it comes to alleviating pain, many people found that incorporating a yoga routine into their everyday lives had a significant impact on the amount of medication they needed to take every day. Patients felt stronger overall, and the risk of falls associated with improper balance and coordination was reduced.

Treatable Conditions

Yoga can relieve chronic pain, improve flexibility and range of motion, lower blood pressure and even help to improve sleep habits among those who practice it. To relieve pain and improve flexibility, patients should stick to poses that involve slow, fluid movements rather than those that are static and designed to be held. When it comes to reducing blood pressure, studies found that the breathing techniques associated with yoga were beneficial to relaxation; reduced stress has long been known to have a positive impact on blood pressure. Finally, another study showed that people who practice yoga regularly fall asleep more quickly and stay asleep longer than individuals who use herbal sleep remedies.


Individuals who are interested in beginning a yoga routine should be sure to speak with their physicians beforehand in order to best understand their limitations. Thankfully, there are multiple styles of the practice, meaning that there is likely some form of yoga from which everyone can benefit. Those who are recovering from surgery or who have serious illnesses and injuries may be limited to very simply postures; these postures can be increased in difficulty as the patient recovers. The postures are most beneficial when practiced daily, as well.

Overall, yoga is a great way for people of any age to feel better about themselves and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. With so many benefits to both the body and mind, individuals who regularly practice these postures will enjoy better health, more coordination and a clearer sense of well-being.


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Recommended Yoga Teachers:

Branka Cubrilo

I have been practicing and teaching yoga almost 30 years.
I’ve obtained IYTA (International Yoga Teachers Training Association) Diploma in Sydney in the year 1994 and since then I’ve been teaching yoga all over Sydney. I am full teaching member of the Association.
My teachers were the most prominent teachers here in Sydney and I was taught different yoga styles and traditions by well-known Acharya (in Acharya’s Studio in Pitt Street), Dr Shankradev from Bondi and Niranyananda from India.
I have had my yoga studio in the city – City Yoga Studio for about 10 years, in York Street.
I have taught: in Acharya’s Yoga Studio, in the Buddhist centre in Camperdown, in Bondi (Health practice with Dr.Shankradev) in Mosman Gym (10 years ago), and owned my own studio.
Currently, I am teaching yoga in Yoga 50+, here at Mosman, as I am Mosman resident.
As I am teaching only 2 classes I am looking for more opportunities and different age groups.
If you are in a need of an experienced yoga teacher with a high ethics, standards and morals please, give me a call and I can offer some classes for free to demonstrate my style of teaching.
I teach classical Hatha Yoga, the science of breath – Pranayama and Yoga Nidra, a deep relaxation where, on subconscious level, a deep healing occurs. One of my specialities is therapeutic yoga for students that are in need of special
treatment. My classes vary from therapeutic, mild classes, they progress to intermediate to very advanced, all tailored for specific groups and needs. Individual classes are available, too. I teach beginner’s and advanced meditations.

I would be delighted if you express an interest in my knowledge and skills, you can contact me personally on 0407 385 446 or alternatively call 9960 6166.

Would you also like your Yoga Teacher profile listed here? If so, please call on 9960 6166.